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Announcement: James and Victoria

THE Wednesday Week regret to announce that James and Vic have decided to leave the podcast with immediate effect.

The podcast recently took a two week break to open discussions with the pair over their desire to leave, but unfortunately have been unable to reach an agreement.

This week’s podcast will be the last to feature James and Vic, who have made the following statement:

17741118_10155887717289688_10344352_n“It was well documented that we made a pledge to marry should Sheffield Wednesday sign Jordan Rhodes. As we have been making plans for our wedding, it has helped us realise our desire to move in a new direction.

“Wedding planning is an exciting but complicated subject, which as yet is not covered by a regular podcast.

“With the experience gained from The Wednesday Week, we are confident that we can develop a successful wedding planning podcast which can ultimately become our full-time job.

“Our new podcast will document our own wedding plans, and feature several celebrity guests. We’ll probably get David Garrido on to talk about suits and shoes or something.

17742095_10154294638437633_218913470_n“We have no plans to try to lure any other members of The Wednesday Week to our new project. Well, maybe Fudge, to do a piece about appropriate jokes in the best man’s speech.

“Our love for Sheffield Wednesday has not changed. We’ve just realised that it isn’t as strong as our love for each other, and our desire to share that with the world.

“We hope listeners will understand and respect our decision. We really did spend several minutes deliberating over it.

“We look forward to working with our new publishing partners Sloof Lirpa on the exciting project.”

Lord-HTWWcast founder Lord Hillsborough said: “Sod ‘em. We’re bigger than them two anyway, they’ll be nothing without us.

“Screw them.

“We’re gonna get Clinton Morrison and that girl with the pink hair who took a photo of Fessi’s crotch on instead.”

17741112_10155717669487788_1310038367_nOther members of the podcast have been quick to issue their own response to the news.

Panellist Dan Fudge said: “Haha just like H and Claire off Steps.”

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