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Where now for Wednesday?


In our second podcast of the week, we further dissect a turbulent week for Sheffield Wednesday, including the latest development regarding season ticket refunds.

Vic’s got stars in her eyes after a radio appearance; Fudge appears to be on a 1998 AOL dial-up connection (sorry about that) and James thinks you’re probably bored sick of hearing what he thinks.

Does the FA Cup really matter?

We also discuss defeats against Brentford and Burton, more manager speculation, a controversial new face in the Hillsborough boardroom, the small matter of a transfer window, and ask: does the FA Cup really matter this season?

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About the author, James

A slave to the Wednesday since 1990. He’s the closest we have to a professional as he actually works full time in podcasting by day; the one who sometimes try to provide something resembling analysis on the podcast by night. Usually drunk.