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A Podcast Room Filled With Heroes

Grumpy heroes, after Wednesday’s capitulation against Blackburn. How did we lose that one? We also talk about Keiran Westwood’s future, how wide open the Championship is this season, and muse on whether there’s a road back to the first team for Lees, Rhodes and others.

Where’s My Spoon?

Vic gets locked in, Laura explains that scoring goals is like a box of chocolates, Ash pulls and Fudge is old (er)

Red Nubbin

This week Fudge, Steve Simon and Ben discuss Morgan Fox, Jumping jacks and that German bloke at the back who’s name escapes me right now

Big Daves Arse

Simon, Ash, Vic and Fudge attempt to talk about football when there’s none on! Caution: Contains Neil Warnock

Podcast Bachelor Party

Eddie, Simon and Stevie (for a bit) are your sherpas as we ascend Mount Wednesday once again. It’s the international break so we’re reviewing Wigan and taking stock of the season so far. Apols for the sound quality on this one – we had technical issues. The small Vietnamese boy responsible has been disciplined.

Paul Corry Special

Fudge catches up with ex-Sheffield Wednesday midfielder Paul Corry, they discuss his time with the owls, why it wasn’t the move it could have been and Royston Drenthe’s rapping skills

Poor mans Berbatov

Fudge, Dave and Simon try and sound upbeat about a draw and Cup loss. We chucked in a willy gag at the start to keep it entertaining but here is this weeks round up.

The Entire First Team Squad’s Hair

It’s another busy one this week as Eddie, Stevie, Laura and Simon unpack all that’s good in the world of SWFC. Huddersfield have been dispatched, there’s two MASSIVE games upcoming and just what is the best drinking receptacle to use whilst podcasting?