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5-0 and Pingu’s dad

Ben, Fudge, Steve and Blair are back to talk about whats going on, what the supporters trust is and what we can do about this… More to the point, how are we only -3 goal diff?!

Bad Boys for life

Vic takes the helm this week as Fudge is on his hols (again) Joined by Dave and Ben as they remain upbeat after the city loss

Brummie Galatasary

Poor football, Poor atmosphere, Poor season… I mean what else is there?!

Seriously, What’s going on?!

Fudge i flanked by Dave, Ash and Simon talking about Barnsley, Bannan and Luton… (they REALLY try hard to be upbeat) Vic and James go to the football museum in Manchester

Do it in your pants

Fudge, Vic, Ash and Simon try and be upbeat and positive about the dour 0-0 at Hillsbrough, sorry about the ending, Millwall caused this.

Sheffield Wednesday it up

Falling down the league, making signings we don’t about or whether we can afford… Its the Wednesday way. We talk about Wigan, QPR and Att Chansiri announcing the signings

Bloody Rubbish

What the f**ck happened, Vic, Steve, Simon and Ben attempt to make sense of the Hillsborough Sh*t show that was the Blackburn game.

Leeds, Leeds are falling apart… etc

Fudge is flanked by Si and Ash and we welcome a new “weeker”, lol’ing at the “dirty” and we even talk about the League (because James said it was ok)