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No dog in the fight

Fudge is joined by Stevie, Vic, Ash and Ben and they discuss, Cambridge, Lincoln and the wee Scottish man (again) Is Moore the man for the job, Who would you have and is BB leading or something else entirely?

So many things…

Dan is recovering from a solid 10 days on the babycham, so your host Ash is joined by Simon, Stevie, Ben and Dave to discuss the previous games against Bolton, Wimbledon and Cambridge. Also we give a 3rd of the season review of Moore and his transfer dealings. Stevie goes on a rant and it’s…

Square pegs and round holes

Ben is hosting the gang tonight and is joined by Dave, Stevie and Vic to discuss this week’s antics. We discuss losing to Oxford, beating Mansfield and the return of the golden boy himself when we face Bolton this weekend. Is Moore’s time running out? Can we look at the table before Christmas? Plus, stay…

Steel Magnolias

Stevie, Ash and Simon join Fudge to talk about 4 hard earned points on the road, that error from BPF and trolling on the internet!

A Shrewd Point?

Fudge is joined by Vic, Stevie and Dave discussing all things Shrewsbury, Shodipo and… umm… sh*t penalties

Show me the way to go Home (Park)

Dave is in the host’s chair this week as the gang discuss the nightmare that was Plymouth away, #HerGameToo, Darren Moore, Shrewsbury, and our young owls heading out on loan.

Middle of Lidl Striker

It’s the international break but we still have plenty to talk about, Fudge is joined by Steve, Dave Ash and Ben. We talk about our Loan loves, New ticket packages and who has caught our eye from the new batch

Newcastle under 15s

Fudge is joined by Ben, Simon, Dave and Steve and we talk about losing points on the road at the seaside and the men against boys affair versus Newcastle’s second string

El Crapico

Another clean sheet and another win against our local rivals Fudge is joined by Steve, Simon and Ash as we discuss the win against Rotherham, The catering and the bounce around the club right now Who’d have thought going down would be this much fun?

Not out the Fleet-woods yet

Fudge and Dave are joined by the “League cup Squad” Blair makes a welcome return and we introduce a new presenter in Stokie We talk about Rovers, Fleetwood and the all-new Barry Bannan