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Christmas hangover

Fudge, Dave, Ash and Simon try and make what they can with Hull and Brighton as we all patiently wait for Leeds to fall apart

It’s only a game show

Whilst Vic is seriously ill she gets the chance to show off her sexy voice, stay tunes at the end for brief out-take

Neil Shipperleys Taxis

Fudge, Ash, Simon and Monty Dave try and be upbeat and actually manage it. We talk about other things as well and for some reason an ex-Crystal palace striker gets a mention 😉

Election Wine and Cheese

Ash, Si and Fudge chat on about the Stuart Gray style of football, are we as fans and the players themselves scared of the 80th minute? Will Ash and Fudge get over their hangover? Does James Marriott still go here? All shall be answered…

Vics holiday romance

As we migrate to our new system and reconvene this week here’s a taster of the hot life, Vic catches up with Stephen the owner of the Owls Nest in Buggiba in Malta a sports bar, home to the official supporters Maltese supporters club. We’re back in a few days Enjoy

A Podcast Room Filled With Heroes

Grumpy heroes, after Wednesday’s capitulation against Blackburn. How did we lose that one? We also talk about Keiran Westwood’s future, how wide open the Championship is this season, and muse on whether there’s a road back to the first team for Lees, Rhodes and others.

Where’s My Spoon?

Vic gets locked in, Laura explains that scoring goals is like a box of chocolates, Ash pulls and Fudge is old (er)

Red Nubbin

This week Fudge, Steve Simon and Ben discuss Morgan Fox, Jumping jacks and that German bloke at the back who’s name escapes me right now

Big Daves Arse

Simon, Ash, Vic and Fudge attempt to talk about football when there’s none on! Caution: Contains Neil Warnock