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Studs & Fillies AKA The Managerial Merry-Go-Round

Eddie makes his bid for Weinstein-like pariah status by immediately going full sex pest on Victoria, Dave & Ash try to rescue the situation by talking about football, and we somehow make an hour’s show when there’s no actual match to talk about.


Fudge is flanked by Steve and Ash talking about last minute winners, hero worship and Sunday league.  

Swiping Right On Podcast Tinder

We’re just two bros, chilling on a podcast! In true Wednesday fashion, injuries in the warmup decimated the team this week, leaving host Eddie and guest James Kay to have a romantic tete-a-tete. Not to worry – we blasted through all that’s good in Wednesday World, with the transfer deadline moves, Barnsley game, Bully’s future…

We’re Not Big On Profit

It’s the start of the new season! TWW OGs Fudge and Eddie are joined by trialists Laura Lawrence, David Cooke and Ben Woodcock to talk all things SWFC. From the Steve Bruce Saga to the new signings and of course a look back at OMG WE ONLY BLOODY WON ON THE OPENING DAY, the TWW…

Sambuca in Manchester

Fudge takes the lead on attempting to review Preston away with Davie who didn’t go and Vic who was off her face. Sambuca in Manchester, gin at 9 am, keeps or release and Fudge’s debut gameshow. How much is that monkey in the window?

Vic’s got a new gang

Vic’s hosting a new group of men on this show. Featuring Sheffield FC’s finests, James Kay and Ben Woodcock with an appearance from old Montague Dangerous from Twitter. Reviewing the Villa defeat, talking about a family fun day and wondering if our Play Off hopes really are over… Why isn’t Westwood playing in the top…

Craft beer, a retro shirt, and one of Marco Matias’ tarts

*this is a re-upload due to issues with the first version – sorry* James, Fudge, Rich and Eddie discuss Wednesday’s point at Stoke at Saturday, including returns for Gary Hooper and Fernando Forestieri. What chance a new contract for Hoops? Or even for Kieran Lee? Plus we look ahead to the visit of Aston Villa…

Friendship Ended With Reda; Now Dominic Is My Best Friend

Eddie is your host with the most as the TWW team tackle all the latest from Planet SWFC. Dicky, Victoria and Fudge muse on the Blackburn game; there’s a plethora of charity and community news; everybody has been injured; and WE’RE ONLY TWO POINTS OFF THE PLAYOFFS (but we’re not getting excited at all, honest).