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259: TWW Live – What a week!

Ben, Steve and Vic join together live on Facebook to review a week of chaos in the Hillsborough camp. From Pulis’ sacking to DC’s press conference and live reaction from a shock win against Derby. What the chuff is going on?!

TWW live with Louis Shackshaft

The gang are live on Facebook once again, we do our best to avoid the football and pad an hour talking b*llocks. Here’s the link to Louis book – “Very Wednesday” now

Club shop gammon

The team line up live this week, talking about 3 games and 3 shots on goal Where will they come from, have Norwich got anything to worry about Are the Gnomes on Sale?

If the cap fits..

Ben takes the helm alongside Ash, Steve and Simon We discuss Tony, contracts and Barry Bannans future Brace yourself it may go over your head 😉

Garrys Gone

Who’s next? Was the timing odd? Whats with that haircut? All discussed in tonight’s special

It’s all your fault

Dave, Si and Ash join Fudge and try make sense of who we’re losing to, who we’re beating and who Dejphon is blaming this week

Brum, Brentford and The Boys

Dave, Ben and Steve join Fudge to discuss the Win, the loss and very good transfer deadline day Stay tuned for Ben under a ladybird attack the whole way through

Are we on Zero yet?

The gang catch up once again to discuss QPR, winning and drawing that feels like losing

Kachungas only fans balloon account

In a world where there;’s not much to talk about everything seems to happen in real time today We announce Paterson, we talk about balloon fetishes, Bristol city and we unveil to the world The Kachunga kid: Bix All together now: He comes from’t Congo and he plays right wiiing…