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TWW Lockdown Live – Terry Curran

Fudge, Steve and Ben are joined by the Wednesday legend, He tells tales of Infa-red red whippets, Brian Clough and the current state at Hillsborough An absolute must listen

TWW Lockdown Live – Lloyd Owusu

We catch up with the man who lived the actual dream… Playing for Wednesday, coming on in a derby game, scoring with his first touch… and all in front of a bouncing Kop. Unbelievable scenes! Raise the roof as we chat to Lloyd Owusu about coming through non-league, that relegation season, mental health, anxious puking…

Post Luton Reaction

Ash, Ben, Stevie, Dave and Si try to make sense of what was in Luton’s halftime oranges.

Lockdown Live with Glenn Loovens

From Feyenoord to Sunderland via Wales, Scotland and Hillsborough… we chat to fans’ favourite and all-round dreamboat Mr Glenn Loovens. What does it take to be a captain? Who did he fine the most? What exactly happened with Forestieri? We ask Glenn Loovens the questions!

Lockdown Live with Rob Jones

We chat to boyhood Owls fan, Rob Jones, on his journey from non-league to captaining the club he’s supported all his life. Why didn’t Megson take him to the top of the Kop? Who did he end up in a fight with in the dressing room? What was his life like at Hibs? Where is…

TWW Lockdown Live – Craig Rocastle

We chat to one of the Kings of Cardiff, Mr Craig Rocastle about his career, his kayaking skills, Cheetos stains and playing with “the best captain ever” Lee Bullen.

It’s like Beauty and The Beast

Ash, Simon, Steve and Vic review the beauty that was Bournemouth and the Beast that followed that was Milwall. Cramming as many puns as possible into just over an hour, talking about Paterson’s phone calls and alcohol-free beer.

TWW Lockdown Live – Guy Branston

We chat to our former centre half about his career, stuffing pound coins up his nose, what Paul Sturrock was like…. and how Chris Turner woke up in just his pants in Ibiza…

DC, Your Spag Bol is Shit.

Post Coventry musings with Fudge, Ash, Dave, Simon and Ben Ash announces that he’s suddenly important Plus stuff about brooms, bolognese and pies.

TWW Lockdown Live – Stephen Bywater!

We chat to Stephen Bywater about his time breaking into Harry Redknapp’s squad of future legends… through to eating rice pudding with a toothbrush… artwork in the garden… yoga… discipline and mental wellbeing! Oh and let’s not forget the promotion season. We absolutely loved this interview and hope you will too!