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Happy Clapper – And Proud

In his first blog, Lord Hillsborough issues a rallying call to Wednesdayites as the season reaches crunch time…



AS I’m sure most folk reading this are probably aware, I am what is described as a happy clapper.

Some folk use this description as a derogatory term but I am more than happy to wear it as a badge of honour… along with my blue and white tinted glasses. I make no apologies for this. Allow me to explain why.

Throughout my life I have owned many pairs of shoes – booties when I was a baby, Air Jordan’s when I was a tween, Acupuncture as a teen, some lovely loafers in my lording years. These fashions have come and gone – out with the old and in with the new. But what has never changed is wearing the Owl loud and proud.

Sheffield-WednesdayThe ‘Ozzie’ badge has just always been there – on my baby grow, my wall, my pencil case, my scarf, my everything. My love for Sheffield Wednesday football club is as ingrained in me as the love I hold for my family. Unconditional and absolute. It always been there and it always will.

Due to this I will defend my love as I would my family. Yes sometimes they disappoint me, frustrate me, drive my absolutely crazy but I will always “support” them. And I will never allow the “teddy chuckers” out there to dampen my enthusiasm.

Of course I understand the other side of the coin; the “every fan has a right to their opinion” argument. But in my opinion being a supporter, by its very definition, indicates I offer my unconditional and absolute support, however my team are playing. And to the best of my ability.


Wednesdayites at their best: Wembley

Right now the team need support. I can only assume the negatively I can feel in our fan base can also be felt by our players. It feels like a family argument, and I can’t stand it. If you want this group of players that wear YOUR badge for YOUR team to fight with all they have for promotion, YOU have to get behind them.

I can’t imagine how awful it would be to go to work and have every mistake I made, no matter how small, jeered at. I would hate my job and wouldn’t want to go. I certainly wouldn’t give my all if I felt the folk watching me hated me. Would you?

I honestly believe we as supporters have a part to play in the run in for this season. We need to create an atmosphere in which the players can feel creative, calm and assured that if they try but don’t succeed they will not be vilified. Otherwise what’s the point in trying? And I don’t just mean the atmosphere on match day, I mean the atmosphere of the club as a whole.

At the end of the season let the chips fall where they will. But until then I implore you to get behind YOUR team. Get that feeling back we had last season in YOUR club. And roar the team on to promotion for OUR family.

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