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Owls About Stat: November 2018


You remember those FFP podcasts that Peter, James and James did?

Well the three of them have got back together for a whole new show: Owls About Stat – looking at Sheffield Wednesday by numbers.

They look over a host of facts and figures to dissect our performances in this pilot episode, including:

  • The Season So Far… In Numbers
  • Stat of the Month
  • SWFC Myth Busters
  • On This Day In…
  • The Month To Come

It’s a bit rusty and we ramble on a bit, but it’s just a tester really to see how it goes down – please send us your feedback. We’d love your suggestions for the next episode’s Myth Busters as well.

Drop us a tweet: @OwlsAboutStat or via any of the trio: @PLoehmann @ManhattanOwl @JamesMarriott

Owls About Stat is a joint project between The Wednesday Week and Owls Americast. You should listen to both because they’re great.

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